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Aspen - Accelerometer System for Pavement Evaluation

ASPEN uses smartphones to measure vehicle vibrations and assess pavement evenness.

Project's goal

The aim of the project is to develop a demonstration system that measures road unevenness, simultaneously using multiple smartphones as vibration and localization sensors. The road network should provide a comfortable and safe ride. These aspects are approximately described by the evenness of the road pavement and the number of cracks. Modern smartphones mounted in cars “tremble like an aspen leaf”, thus they enable the effective acquisition of information about the shaking level using accelerometers and gyroscopes. This information can be translated into indicators determining the evenness of the road surface and the comfort of driving using data filtering algorithms, mechanical suspension models and machine learning methods.

Localization of smartphones mounted in the car.

Space assets

Satellite navigation is the basis for assignment of road localization. Attribution of spatial data to a location within the road network is done through the use of satellite navigation. Its accuracy significantly influences the quality of the output.


The use of smartphones equipped with accelerometers, gyroscopes and GNSS receivers allows for obtaining an objective information about the status of the entire network in a simple and inexpensive way, which is necessary for spatial presentation in online systems in the form of maps and specialised graphs.

Smartphone receptors
ASPEN project development diagram

Pilot and Demonstrator projects

The feasibility study of a new solution was performed in 2018 under the Kick Start Activity supported by European Space Agency. The outcomes of the pilot project resulted in a demonstration project. The demonstrator project began in November 2019 and will finish in October 2021.

Who stands behind the solution

Heller Consult is an enterprise dealing with the diagnostics of the condition of road surfaces, measurements and analysis of road traffic and safety, making software for the road sector and analyses, visualization and providing access to road and spatial data. The company operates also in the road traffic measurement and processing market, including validation and archiving of data from permanent counting stations as well as safety and traffic flow analyses and measurements. Heller Consult has own, tailored software solutions supporting the processes of road data analytics.

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2021 was a challenging but also very encouraging year for the ASPEN solution. We completed several exciting projects for public and private infrastructure managers.

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ASPEN Demonstrator Summary

We are proud to announce that our ASPEN demonstration project is completed, and its results have already been accepted by the European Space Agency (ESA).

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ASPEN supports road traffic safety analysis in Pomorskie Voivodeship

Road safety study involves the identification of risk elements related to road design and maintenance that may lead to accidents or increase their consequences.

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