How did 2021 go for ASPEN?

2021 was a challenging but also very encouraging year for the ASPEN solution. We completed several exciting projects for public and private infrastructure managers. Our team received excellent feedback for the work, which enhanced our ability to expand the offer and provided us with a high level of satisfaction. Motivated by increasing demand for the provided services and incredible opportunities in the private sector, the ASPEN experts markedly improved the measurements’ accuracy, usefulness, and reliability.

Last year, the ASPEN team also concluded the European Space Agency (ESA) contract. The ESA accepted the Heller Consult demonstration project and paved the way for significant expansion and client’s oriented global offer.

In the foreseeable future, the Heller Consult team wants to serve public and private customers while further developing our unique road maintenance solutions with financial assistance from the ESA. In addition, we plan to broaden the offer for sidewalks and bike paths using a network of e-scooters in cooperation with authorized resellers. Finally, for the incoming quarters, the ASPEN team aims to simplify the measurement procedures further and broaden the offer for private companies interested in securing their infrastructure and financial assets prudentially.