Field testing of the ASPEN application during the 1st Public Roads Forum

The middle of spring is a great time to try the ASPEN app. How does it work? Is it user-friendly? And most importantly, does it effectively collect measurement data? During this season’s first meeting of the “Public Roads Forum” organized by the magazines Autostrady, Mosty and Drogi Publiczne, we presented the ASPEN system for pavement condition survey. In addition, in the charming scenery of the Baltic resort of Jastrzebia Gora, we prepared a special field game where road managers could test the effectiveness of our solution. Experts who deal with road infrastructure on a daily basis took on the role of director, engineer and surveyor and performed measurments on vehicular roads, sidewalks and bicycle paths in the vicinity of the conference hotel using the ASPEN system. “The game got very high marks (4.7 out of a possible 5) and the system itself won praise from many conference participants,” he said. “I’m glad we had the opportunity to show such a wide audience that ASPEN really works,” said Jan Zielinski, board member of Heller Consult. The winners of the field game received among others 100km diagnostic campaign at Heller Consult’s expense.

Source: I Public Roads Forum Jastrzebia Gora