ASPEN’s measurements during road inspections? Is it possible?

Last October, BBPBK TRANSCOMP Sp. z o.o., a company from Warsaw specializing in road inventory and inspections, tested the ASPEN system. Our partner wanted to check if this form of diagnostics has a chance to become an addition to his offer and if taking measurements using this method is really that simple. In a pilot project ASPEN has been used to the condition survey of roads, over 500 km long, administered by District Authority in Zawiercie.

The processed measurement data was released to the client in the OnKo3 web application. The Zawiercie District received online access to the results of the road surface evenness and driving comfort assessment in the form of a map and linear profile.  Objective, repeatable and up-to-date data on the condition of road surfaces collected by the app, provided information supporting the planning of repairs and obtaining funds for infrastructure maintenance.

Due to the positive evaluation of the results of the performed task, Transcomp intends to offer this simplified diagnostics of road surface as a supplement to its offer addressed to other road managers. It is also important that measurements with ASPEN system can be performed without our assistance, which proves that this system is entering the next stage of technological readiness.