ASPEN supports road traffic safety analysis in Pomorskie Voivodeship

Road safety study involves the identification of risk elements related to road design and maintenance that may lead to accidents or increase their consequences.Finding engineering weaknesses and dangerous places is extremely important when planning investments connected with the existing road network. Such a study involves analyzing the causes of accidents and collisions, taking into account factors such as traffic volume, infrastructure continuity, signage or roadway geometry.

ASPEN has made it possible to extend the road safety study by analyzing the condition of the road surface, which is also a direct cause of accidents. Quick measurement carried out with the mobile app allowed to obtain current and objective data about unevenness and comfort of driving.

Within the framework of The Report on Road Traffic Safety for Pomorskie Voivodeship in December 2021 we conducted measurements with ASPEN system on dangerous sections, including almost 40 kilometers of voivodeship roads. The data on the condition of the road surface made it possible to determine more precisely the causes of road incidents and to formulate additional recommendations for changes in the infrastructure. The results of the survey were not only included in the report, but also published in the OnKo3 online system for road infrastructure management. Due to the possibilities offered by data registration with the ASPEN app, it is planned to use it in future projects of this type.