Affordable tailor-made solutions for local administrators

Workshop Seminar organized by Autostrady, Mosty I Drogi Publiczne magazines. Jan Zieliński, member of the management board of Heller Consult, presents the ASPEN system.

Local road managers from four provinces located in central and north-eastern Poland took part in a working seminar “Public Roads” on 26-27 August 2021. In picturesque lakeside scenery, participants exchanged their knowledge on how to effectively utilize technological development in infrastructure management.

During the conference, Heller Consult presented smartphone solutions for roads, footpaths and cycle paths pavement diagnostics. The ASPEN system, which is financially backed by the ESA (European Space Agency) was warmly welcomed by the audience. “There is a broad-based understanding from infrastructure stakeholders that accessible pavement maintenance is the key to resilient, comfortable and safe roads”, said Jan Zieliński, Heller Consult board member.