Condition survey of the pavement and bicycle paths in Lübeck started!

First condition survey based on measurements (ZEB) of city roads

Detailed diagnostic data on the existing infrastructure is an integral part of correct road maintenance and therefore an appropriate approach to managing the entire existing road network in every city.

In 2018, the city of Lübeck made first condition survey based on measurements (ZEB) of city roads. The project was carried out by the member of Heller Group – the Darmstadt based HELLER Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH. The engineering company developed a concept and carried out the evaluation and assessment of the condition data. The result of the campaign was not only the presentation of current condition but also an identification of the road sections in need of maintenance. It was used for the budget planning and the design of the construction programme of the city of Lübeck. The whole procedure was designed in such way that the results can be updated in the future.

Great success of the conducted diagnostic campaign on the roads, was the reason that one year later, in 2019 the city decided to extend the concept of the condition with bicycle paths and pavements. Thanks to that, on 1st of June 2020, we have started testing 1200km of pavements using the innovative Aspen application, created by the engineers from Heller Consult.

The aim of the ongoing project is to identify the sites in need of maintenance on a map and to establish a maintenance budget for the coming years.

The great advantage of the measurement based approach is that the condition can be surveyed very effectively and quickly. Furthermore, the procedure is very transparent and essentially free of subjective influences.

Project repeatability

Measurements can be repeated in the future. In this way, the development of the network can be described and the success of maintenance planning can be evaluated. In this innovative approach, the condition of the pavement is recorded by a camera and a new Aspen application installed in smartphones, which tests the unevenness on the surface.  The wheels used for the measurements are comparable to the front wheels of a wheelchair or roller wheels. In this respect, the needs of elderly or disabled people in particular can be taken into account.

Where can electric scooters be used

The measurements with electric scooters allow to be taken on very narrow pavements where classic off-road vehicles had no chance to enter. The location of the data shall be based on geographical coordinates. High resolution route images recorded during the measurements can be used to assess the required behaviour substances and other relevant information. Registration plates and faces shall be automatically anonymized.

Press conference in Lübeck

On June 4, 2020, a press conference was held with local media and the Lübeck road construction administration. “In addition to the expansion of the cycle paths, we must also pay close attention to the existing network. Cycling should be safe and fun. This is only possible if we continuously invest in driving safety and comfort”, says construction senator Joanna Hagen. “For this we need the necessary funds and a strategic approach. But we also want to take care of our pavements. The sidewalks are getting old in years and urgently need a fresh cell cure”.

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