Innovative methods for road surface condition diagnostics at WebForum

One of the oldest international conferences in Poland – Silesian Road Forum, which has become the most important platform for the exchange of knowledge and best practices in road construction in Poland, has been moved to the online world. Polish Road Congress – PIARC Poland and the Regional Roads Authority in Katowice organized on 29th October 2020 the online conference “WebForum“. Sustainable and Resilient Roads ” and gathered approx. 100 participants, experts and important representatives of the road administration. Traditionally, during the conference, topics of strategic importance and showing the latest technological trends in road engineering were discussed. 

„The ASPEN system is the answer to the needs of modern diagnostics”,  points out Paulina Brzezińska from Heller Consult. It uses smartphones installed in measuring vehicles, which “shakes” like aspen leaves in the wind. Testing the condition of the surface of roads and pedestrian and bicycle paths with the use of smartphones is possible. It can be done network-scale and it leads to an economical solution for local administrations. Paulina Brzezińska presented the concept of the solution of the ASPEN system, discussed examples of the system application in practice and answered two important questions: For whom the ASPEN system is designed? and What are the benefits of using it?