Strong representation of the company on the “Public Roads” Workshop Seminars

Between December 2019 and September 2020 the “Motorways” and “Bridges” Magazine (ELAMED group) has organized four events called “Public Roads” Workshop Seminars. This year’s edition of the event covered the subject of comprehensive implementation of municipal and district roads as well as pedestrian and bicycle routes. “Public Roads” Workshop Seminars are cyclical trainings addressed to…
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Scooters, skateboards and electric monocycles fill the streets and sidewalks of European cities as a modern and increasingly popular element of a sustainable transport system. In the face of such a rapidly changing technology, the safety of both drivers and pedestrians is a priority, but to ensure it, proper surface diagnostics are necessary. We carry…
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Movie from Lubeck – the first use of ASPEN app

Take a few moments to watch our short movie about conducted measurements in Lubeck, Germany.

Condition survey of the pavement and bicycle paths in Lübeck started!

Detailed diagnostic data on the existing infrastructure is an integral part of correct road maintenance and therefore an appropriate approach to managing the entire existing road network in every city. In 2018, the city of Lübeck made first condition survey based on measurements (ZEB) of city roads. The project was carried out by the member…
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ASPEN presented during New Space Economy European Expoforum in Rome (fot. K.Opara@HellerConsult)

ASPEN presented during New Space Economy European Expoforum in Rome

The European Space Agency’s programme organized on 10th December 2019 within the New Space Economy European Expoforum gathered entrepreneurs, scientists and administrations interested in transportation issues. “According to the European Union Road Federation, the European road network is worth over 8,000 billion euro,” said Karol Opara, technical manager of the ASPEN system, in his presentation.…
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The 26th World Road Congress in Abu Dhabi (fot. J.Zieliński@HellerConsult)

The 26th World Road Congress in Abu Dhabi

Established in 1909 the World Road Association (PIARC) is a non-profit international organization for exchanging knowledge and practices within road and road transport. Every four years it organizes the World Road Congress, this time gathering 3500 delegates from 70 countries. Heller Consult has been an active participant in the last few editions of the congress.…
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“Public roads” seminar in Sandomierz 10-11.12.2019 (fot. J.Zieliński@HellerConsult)

“Public roads” seminar in Sandomierz 10-11.12.2019

Sandomierz, a jewel of medieval architecture in South-Eastern Poland, was a location of a first of four workshops “Public roads” organized by magazine Autostrady and magazine Mosty . Town mayors and district administrators were exchanging experience on innovative technologies concerning local roads and sidewalks.The seminars have become an opportunity to familiarise participant with the new…
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