Close-up on Logo Heller Consult on a e-scooter (fot. P.Pasiński@HellerConsult)

The flexibility of the measuring system allows it to be used also for testing with electric scooters. ASPEN allows to reduce the costs of condition diagnostics. The surface is not required because it does not require special of measuring equipment. Additionally, it is easy to install on vehicles of relatively small dimensions.

Smartphone and camera mounted on the e-scooter wheel. Aspen App. (fot. P.Pasiński@HellerConsult)

The presence of devices like scooters, skateboards and electric monocycles, called personal transport means, is a challenge for road managers. They have to ensure the safety and comfort infrastructure. It becomes extremely important to evaluate the condition of bicycle paths and pavements. This requires a change the measurement methods used and adaptations parameters for assessing the condition of the surface.

Smartphone mounted on the e-scooter handlebars .Aspen App. (fot. P.Pasiński@HellerConsult)

The application was developed within the same R&D project carried out by Heller Consult with a view of four-wheeled vehicles and is used to carry out measurements of road pavement condition. The measured value is, as in the car-oriented activities, the acceleration of the accelerometer located in the smartphone, which can then be converted into the longitudinal profile of the road and surface unevenness indicators, such as the International Roughness Index (IRI).

Constant evolution of people mobility can be observed over the years. Changes in behavioural patterns and technological development affect the means of transport used. This is particularly evident in cities – the increase in their population forces the need for solutions that occupy little space, and at the same time, provide relatively high speed of movement. Another important trend is the increase in care of the environment and the air, which makes electrically driven and muscle-powered equipment more and more the common modes of transport. Therefore the interest in transport means such as scooters, skateboards and electric monocycles is constantly rising.